run across america: missouri

Celebrate the state containing The Gateway to the West with the beautiful tribute to Missouri


How many races give you a high-quality and color Tyvek bib to run your race?  Receive the bib right after you register and then your large medal after you submit your time.

Choose Your Distance

You’re not limited to a specific distance.  When you register you can choose whether you want to run the 5K, the 10K, or the half marathon.

Our Swag is Some of the Best

Where else do you receive a full colored, race-quality Tyvek bib just after you sign up – all part of the registration? It’s just that extra bit of love to say thank you for racing with us!

a beautiful bib

Receive that high quality, weatherproof bib after you register – with safety pins to boot!

large medal

After you run your race, submit your time and you’ll receive a shiny 3.5″ medal.

running t-shirt

When you select a running t-shirt on registering, we’ll send your t-shirt with your bib. That Missouri shirt is pretty nice.

a lovely sticker

Stickers aren’t just for kids anymore.  Place one on your laptop, your car, and anywhere else!  Yes, some have ordered multiples just for that reason.

Fun for free just by sharing with your friends

Yes – you read that right! After you register watch for your referral link as you will receive $3 back (on the card you used to register) for every friend that registers through your link. Refer as many friends as you want – that is, until you’ve received your full race registration back!