✓ Receive your beautiful medal in the mail

✓ Submit your time

✓ Walk/Run your race when, where, and how you want

✓ Receive a high quality color bib in the mail

✓ Register for the race


Raise Funds

Raise funds for an amazing charity.  No matter if you walk slow or run fast –  those in need are the real winners!

Beautiful Bib

Unlike other virtual races you will receive a high quality, beautiful bib in the mail after you register.  You can run with the bib or pin it on your wall.  It’s sure to make a fashion statement no matter what you choose.

Beautiful Medals

Each race features a beautiful medal.  We think you’ll want to run just a few to hang one of these around your neck, at your desk, or wherever your friends will see.

Run for You!

In the end these races are about you.  Simple put, the more you walk or run the healthier you become.  Sign up for a race, set your goal, and you win.  Every time.

What is a Virtual Race?

Virtuals races save you money and time as there is no need to travel to a destination and spend tons of money.  You register and run the race where you want, when you want, and how you want!

Even better, run on your schedule as you don’t have to be to a starting line in the wee hours of the morning.  Make it even more fun by running (or walking) with friends and get them into the excitement.

In sum, a virtual race is all about customizing your race as you want it.

  • Run WHERE you want

    There’s no need for travel, packed parking, or long drives to get to your race.

  • Run WHEN you want

    No early wake up times for our races – unless that’s what you really want.  Run early, late, or in the middle of the day.

  • Run HOW you want

    Is running on the road your style?  Maybe you would rather hit the trail.  For some, the treadmill or elliptical is where it’s at.  No judging here, however you plan to log your miles counts and will earn you that medal!

  • Run with WHO you want

    How often do you sign up for a race and your friends just won’t show up.  Now you can run with them whether or not they are registered for this race!  You can even run with Fido if you want.

Receive Coupon Codes and Notifications of New Races

We will be launching new races, sending out coupons to our dearest friends, and let you know of other specials along the way.  Sign up today!

Send Us Your Race Photos

Running in a virtual race doesn’t always mean you have to run alone (but you can!).  Sometimes it’s more fun to run with a group:

  • You can run another race and count it for your virtual race
  • Run on a treadmill, on the road or in the mountains.
  • Costumes always make it more fun.  Yes, always.
  • It’s not always about how fast you run.  Sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the beauty along the way.

What others say about us

If you can’t tell from my pic, I love to have fun!  I love virtual races as they allow me to set fun fitness goals without having to clog my weekends with races!

KizMousekemom #1MousekeMoms.com

My partner in crime and myself are busy moms and sometimes struggle with keeping up with all our fitness goals.  I love these races as they allow me to fit them in when I want to run them.  And since they let me count my time on a treadmill, an elliptical, or walking with my kids, I can make it work for me!

CassieMousekemom #2MousekeMoms.com

I have been running over the last two years and have enjoyed some really fun races!  I like the Run Across America race series as I love the medals and the fact I get a Tyvek bib.  They actually make my other bibs look plain and boring.


I’ve been running for almost four years and am training for my next marathon.  I love how I can run a half marathon to qualify for each of these races!  After losing 100 lb I’ve found that keeping a race on my calendar helps me stay motivated – thus the races here are a perfect way to keep moving forward!

AlexOwnerOld Man Transformation