When You Want

Don’t feel the pressure to run on someone else’s schedule. You choose the time and run our races when you want to.

Where You Want

Run your race wherever in the world you want! Whether in the Alaskan tundra to the blustering heat in the South, enjoy it!

How You Want

You make our races work for you! Prefer the treadmill or something else? It’s all up to you. Make your choice and earn that bling!

What is a virtual race?

saves you time

We’ll send out your bib and medal after you register. Run when you want and then submit your time online. 

saves you money

No travel expenses, expensive registration fees, or parking.  Need we say more?

it’s about you

This is designed with you in mind.  You are the boss and the one in charge of your race.


What Others Say About Us

We love hearing from our runners – it’s great!

If you can’t tell from my pic, I love to have fun! I love virtual races as they allow me to set fun fitness goals without having to clog my weekends with races!


I like the Run Across America race series as I love the medals and the fact I get a Tyvek bib. They actually make my other bibs look plain and boring.


I love these races as they allow me to fit them in when I want to run them. And since they let me count my time on a treadmill, an elliptical, or walking with my kids, I can make it work for me!