About us

We are a family of runners that love to have fun

When you run with us, you’re not supporting a big corporation.  Instead, you’re supporting a family-based business that wants to share our passion and joy of running.

Alex also knows a thing or two about weight loss losing over 100 lb

Another thing you can expect from us is support and accountability.  We are here to help you in your own journey with it’s just the love of running or you’re combining it with health and weight loss goals as well!

We are about more than Virtual Races

Our virtual races are just a part of what we offer. We love offering these races though as it gives us even more opportunity to engage with you and help the running community.

We are family

We are a family behind the scenes trying to make your experience perfect

Even more running tips

We even offer a podcast to share more tips in your own journey

Ask a Running Coach

The guy that lost all that weight is a certified running and nutrition coach.  I’m here to help.

Join the Community

Come join our fun Facebook group to get even more motivation