Run Across America…

You won’t want to miss this race series that will allow you to virtually run through every state in the U.S.A.  Although every state has so many amazing features and landmarks, the theme of each race will highlight the beauty and unique character of each state.

…Featuring Missouri

And…we’re LIVE!  The state that contains the city nicknamed the “Gateway to the West” is ready for you to enjoy in all its glory!  You just might say we changed that nickname to the “Gateway to the East” as we’re moving from California eastward on our Run Across America.

You get more bling with us!

Don’t forget that each and every race will get you beautiful bling.  When you set our medals next to others you might have in your collection, we hope you see that our medals our beautiful and LARGE!  And that beautifully crafted ribbon to complement the ribbon is a nice touch as well.

Just days after you register, you’ll receive a high-quality, full colored Tyvek bib (the standard in racing bibs) in the mail so you can race in style!  This bib is included in the price of the race.  Did we mention for our U.S. residents that there’s no shipping for anything you order from us?

When you run all 50 states…

We will be sending you a HUGE medal just for finishing all 50 states.  The design is confidential right now but we will be revealing it soon!

How do I register?

To signup, head over to our information and registration pages to get more details about the race and find out how to sign up!

Run for FREE!!

Yes – you read that right!  When you sign up ($36 for a race, full Tyvek bib, and beautiful medal all shipped to you) you can receive $3 back for every friend that signs up through your referral link.  And you can refer as many friends as you want – that is, until you’ve received your full race registration back!