We want to extend a warm welcome to the listeners of the Motivate Me To Run podcast!  We are so excited to be their first sponsor and support their mission in providing the resources runners need to stay motivated, healthy, and happy in their running journey!

Announcing Missouri!!

And the beautiful bib (included with registration)

If you haven’t noticed over the past few years, virtual races have really taken off!  We believe there are many reasons for this, including the desire to fulfill a need that so many runners crave.

  • Low cost races – Compared to the myriad of other races out there, virtual races can be an extremely cost effective way to keep you motivated and reaching for your next running goal while not breaking the bank.  Our races offer a 5K, 10K and even Half Marathon option meaning you can run those races for less dollars.
  • Bling for everyone – Have you ever ran a 5K and didn’t receive a medal?  That was our founder’s first experience running a local 5K in his community.  He trained, prepared, and was driven to run his first race with nothing but memories (very sweet memories, don’t get us wrong) as his reward.  It was his mission to offer a beautiful medal to everyone that participated – no matter the distance they ran.
  • Run the race how you want – Are you wanting to run a race on the road, your local trail, or maybe even on a treadmill?  Maybe you just love the elliptical and want to run your race on that.  We encourage you to run your race in any way you choose with the goal of making it work for you.

We could go on and on but want to get to the point!  Because you took the time to come over and check us out, we want to share with you a special coupon code to thank you for listening to the Motivate Me To Run podcast.  We mentioned above that one of the reasons for running a virtual race was to experience a low cost race.

Well, if you use the coupon code LAUNCHME we will give you a 50% discount (that’s $18 OFF) your registration – meaning your registration will only cost you $18!  Just click here to register for California or click here to register for Missouri and get signed up today!

We are proud of our race and have many more coming with our Missouri race just released!  Keep listening to the podcast episodes and we plan to have those races announced on an upcoming episode!