On Your Mark, Get Set, GO: Run Across America: California

Introducing our virtual Run Across America race series!  Each race will feature a state in this great country with designs celebrating and sporting each state’s landmarks.  Our hearts were drawn to California even and there was no question that the Golden Gate Bridge in all it’s glory would be the iconic landmark to feature!

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You’re probably asking what makes us different from other virtual race companies?

  • We will send you a gorgeous Tyvek (aka industry standard) waterproof bib with safety pins so you can wear it on your race day.  The bib and shipping is all included in your price!  Other companies leave that as an optional up-sell.
  • You will receive a beautiful 3.5″ hand-crafted, hand-painted medal that will inspire and reward you for those miles of dedication, sweat and tears.  Our designer works with many race companies and knew the exact details to include to make it extra special for you!  Did we mention that shipping is included for that one as well?
  • Any add-ons you purchase will be shipped to you (shipped for no extra charge) with your bib.  We feature some beautiful t-shirts and repositionable stickers that just might fit your style.  The best part is that by ordering them with your registration, you’ll get a huge discount (compared to standalone prices in our store), you’ll receive them beforeyou run, shipped for no additional charge, and allow you to show off your achievement!
  • Receive motivation, encouragement, and access to an RRCA certified race coach.  That’s right.  Our team consists of runners and walkers of all kinds.  We have a passion for what we do and want to provide you a place where you can receive the encouragement and motivation to keep you going!  Plus ask your training questions to our RRCA certified race coach and get the help you need – for no extra charge!  Come on over and join our Facebook group Motivate Me To Run to get started!
  • Challenge yourself by running a 5K, 10K, or Half Marathon.  Each one of us has our own running goals and distances we just love!  So we figured you should get to choose your distance (all for the same price) and make that your goal for this race.  When you register you’ll be asked which distance you want to run.  Don’t worry though you can change it at any time.
  • Feed America one state at a time.  There are so many exciting things going on with our launch that it’s hard to choose our favorite.  We can tell you that this one is near the top!  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a local food bank in each state, so each state you run you are Running for Good!  We love this quote: “California food banks turn every $1 donated into 5 pounds worth of food.”  Our challenge to our awesome runners is this: How many tons of food can we donate?!
  • Did we mention you can run this for FREE?!  When you register, you’ll receive a referral code you can pass on to your friends.  For each that signs up, you’ll receive $3 BACK ON YOUR CARD.  And you can refer as many friends as you want until your registration is FREE!  What other virtual race company will let you race for free?!

Our schedule is to start sending out the bibs and anything extra you requested the week of September 14, 2018!  Our race date(s) is scheduled anytime after October 1st!  You’ll submit your time (instructions included when you receive your bib) and receive the beautiful medal in the mail soon after!

Ok – we know that’s a lot of information!  Here’s some links to get you started:

We are so excited to offer this race to you and hope you love it!